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The Magic Breath - Card Trick


This is a good example of how the presentation of an effect can be made to transform a simple trick into a striking and amusing pieve of magical entertainment.

The trick here is that in which a card is freely chosen and then is sent to any number, again freely chosen by the spectator.

The first time the cards are counted a wrong card appears at the selecteed number, but on a second count the right one turns up. - Seems impossible!

– Simple but effective.


You have a card freely chosen and you control it the Top in your favourite way.

The card is on the top so that the first count brings it to the number required so when the packet is replaced on the pack and counted again, it is found at the correct number.

A card having been freely chosen, noted, and replaced, is then brought to the top. You can then execute several shuffles keeping it there.

Addressing the spectator you say, 'Have you a magic breath?

Well I will show you how to find out. If you have, you can send your card to whatever position you please merely by breathing gently on the cards. Will you choose a number? - Let’s suppose they choose number Nine.

You cay, - “Then just blow on the pack and think intently of that number as you blow.” – As the Spectator blows, turn your head away with a slight grimace. 'Your breath does not seem to be very magical, but I may be mistaken. (Just be careful not to offend anyone with this gesture). – “Will you take the pack and count down to your number?”

He does this and turn up the wrong card. You shake your head as id you knew that it would fail and you take the pack, put the packet of counted cards back on top of the pack and execute a false shuffle, keeping the top cards in the same order;

Now take the card he turned up and push it in somewhere amongst the top eight cards. You say, “I knew you would fail, instead of thinking while blowing, you blew while thinking, that’s not the same thing at all.

Let me show you a real magic breath. See, just a gentle zephyr, but it has sent your card to the number required. What was the name of the card you chose? Nine?

You now Deal eight cards, have the spectator name his card and turn over the ninth to reveal the chosen card.

You can actually, hand the cards to the spectator to count out the cards and of course he will end with his chosen card at the chosen number.

This is a great little trick and can be very amusing and fun with the audience interaction, however, the testing of the spectator's breath has to be done delicately or it can be done more broadly, according to the type of audience.

This is another simple but very effective card trick – Try it – You’ll like it!

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