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Stay Cool !

Are you a Walker, Runner, Footballer, Tennis Player,
Golfer or an All-Round Multi Sports Player ?

Do you like to Stay Cool at your Workout in the Gym or
Yoga Class or do you just want to Cool Off in the Heat?

Then you need the Versatile and Effective Sports Cooling Towel...

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Imagine the scene... It's been a long hard game and your
opponents are almost at the point of exhaustion in the heat,
but you have been relying on your SECRET WEAPON...

The Magic Touches - COOLING TOWEL

Guaranteed to Keep You Cool when the Heat is On

Avoid the Risk of heat exhaustion in sweltering conditions...

Whether Playing Sport, Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Camping Or

Just Staying Cool While Working in the Heat or Just Chilling

- The High Quality, Versatile COOL TOWEL Will Do the Trick -

Very Easy to Carry Around Wherever You Go in the Special Hygienic Container
Carry With You for All Your Sporting and Outdoor Activities

You'll Enjoy the Simplicity of Using This Easy to Read Compact Cooking Thermometer.

Available Only at Amazon - Get Your Cool Towel Now!

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This Quality Sports Cooling Towel comes with a Special Bonus of the Digital Fitness Manual:
"FITNESS - The GUIDE to Staying healthy " ready to download after your purchase

PLUS You Have Our No-Quibble Guarantee of Satisfaction

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