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"Learn The Secrets of 25 Mind Blowing, Easy-to-do Card Tricks that Will Leave Your Audience Completely Baffled and Your Friends Amazed !"

How To Do Absolute Wonders With An Ordinary Pack of Cards!


<<< The Picture Shows How
<<< Chosen Cards Magically and <<< Mysteriously Rise out of the <<< Pack in a Borrowed Mug

From: Johnnie Gentle - Professional Magician (retired)


Dear Friend,

ave you ever been to a party and watched someone do some amazing magic tricks and wished that you could do the same, but couldn’t find anyone who would show you how or even tell you how it’s done?

Have you noticed how magicians will never disclose their top secrets to anyone, not even to other magicians?

Wouldn’t you just love to be the centre of attraction and gain the admiration of all your friends by amazing them with your own magic tricks?

Have you ever thought that you could do some of these magic tricks, if only someone would tell you the secrets and show you exactly how to do them?

If you'd just love to be able to do great magic tricks, but have never had enough confidence to perform in public before... - I've Got Great News For You!...

All that's about to change!

You can learn the Closely-Guarded Insider Secrets of more than 25 Easy Card tricks, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home, without spending a fortune on fancy props or many long hours practicing difficult moves.

With the "Ultimate Magic Card Tricks Collection" you will be Amazing Your Friends within a few hours of receiving the Secrets. In fact, there are tricks you'll be able to do in a matter of a few minutes.

These Amazing, mind-boggling card tricks are favourites of the pros' and are guaranteed to baffle and delight any audience and amaze and amuse even the most sceptical of family and friends.

If you tried to find and buy such a collection of Card Tricks individually, it would take many Hours of Searching and cost Hundreds of dollars, but you can get them all Right Here in ONE AMAZING COLLECTION

These amazing tricks are easy to do with just an ordinary pack of playing cards and a few Closely Guarded, Insider Secrets.

Be The Life and Soul of any Party!

You'll no longer be in the background when others hog the limelight. - In fact, you'll always have an amazing trick or two "up your sleeve" to impress and attract the girls or the boys.

You'll be a "Wow" at the bar with your friends and will amaze and amuse your workmates and your boss at the "Drop of a Hat" or the turn of a card!

You know, I've been a magical entertainer for over 40 years and for the last 5 years I've enjoyed passing on my knowledge and experience to others, who want to sample the delights of Magic and the joy and satisfaction of entertaining others.

Supplying all kinds of magic tricks on the Internet has meant that many more eager magicians have been able to get instant and secure access to many Insider Secrets that were otherwise unavailable to them.

What a terrific collection of magic tricks! I was a bit worried that it might be full of hard moves and sleight of hand that I wouldn't be able to do but it's just the opposite. Everything's really easy to follow with your pictures.

I've just been practicing how to control cards and it's completely new to me and really fascinating. It's so simple. I've been having a lot of fun with the Card Thru' Hanky and also the Invisible Cards. Everybody thinks I've been secretly practicing magic for years, so I don't tell them I've just been doing it for a few months. Oh by the way, your rope tricks bonus is a real stunner. It's all been great.

Thanks a lot. Derek Harkness
Johnstone, Renfrewshire. UK.

I've so enjoyed the universal language of Magic that's brought me so much joy and satisfaction, and so much Fun, over the years, - not to mention an unbelievable income.

However, I can well remember when I first started out to seriously learn magic. I was convinced that real magicians had to be very clever with their hands to master lots of difficult sleights and moves and so I put off trying to learn magic for several years (what a waste).

I was also rather shy and lacked the confidence to even attempt any difficult card tricks in front of people.

It wasn't until an old professional magician told the subtle difference between the amateur and the pro', that I really decided that I could learn to do real magic.

Here's what he told me...

We all have our opinions about how many things are done, even if we don't really have a clue. We like to think that we can work out some logical solution. This is just the nature of the human being.

Well Magic is no different...

However, the essence of magic is creating the miraculous or impossible and certainly good magic defies all logic, otherwise it wouldn't be magic.

Like everything else we're baffled or confused by, or that we don't quite understand, - we make assumptions about how magic tricks are done.

Also the audience tend to regard themselves as pretty knowledgeable and sophisticated and they assume that the tricks must be done by lasers or electronics or something really clever and scientific to fool someone as clever as them.....

When in fact, the Best Magic is usually very simple - and this is why it actually fools the audience.

You see most people are looking for and assuming that it's something much more complicated.

Even many amateur magicians make the mistake of thinking that the more complicated the "Sleight" or the move and the more intricate and scientific the gimmicked props are, the more they will fool the audience.

Well, they couldn't be more wrong!

So if you're an aspiring magician and seek to amaze, amuse and entertain your audience, remember that the audience are already assuming you're using some sophisticated electronic devices and complicated and difficult "sleight of hand".

Why not fool them completely by performing the best magic?....
That is, magic that is simple, easy to understand and defies all logic....

If you want to perform magic that will always baffle and amaze your audience and provide lots of entertainment and FUN, then you must get Your Hands on "The Ultimate Card Tricks"


So you see the Best Magic is the simplest and easiest to do, leaving you feeling confident and free to really enjoy entertaining your audience.

It's comforting to know that while others struggle to take the floor with shyness and lack of confidence, you can always do your bit to amuse and entertain at any party or gathering or just a few friends at the bar...
You'll literally be the "Life and Soul" of the Party!

You'll no longer have to worry about difficult moves or expensive props.... These easy-to-do magic secrets are fully explained, enabling you to master many of the amazing tricks in minutes, giving you the confidence to go out and Amaze Your Friends.

You'll Discover the Secrets to a New World of Magic!

Tried and Tested Tricks that you can do - - You can be sure that they have a stunning and magical effect, every time you perform them.

Easy-To-Do, and fully explained with photographs - You'll be doing magic in minutes after receiving your own secret copy of - "The Ultimate Card Tricks Collection".

Get This Amazing Collection of Card tricks NOW!... and You'll Soon Be Able To...

Control Cards Just Like a Pro’

    • Vanish Cards with Ease – to amaze the most sceptical audience

    • Chosen Cards will literally Jump Out of the Pack on to a Spectator's Hands - even you'll be surprised and delighted at the reaction

    • Freely Chosen Cards will Appear in a variety of Mysterious and Magical ways – providing amazing tricks for all occasions

    • Any number of Chosen Cards will Slowly and Magically Rise out of the pack - in a borrowed coffe mug! - this will really build your reputation

You’ll Read Their Minds With Ease

    • Really boost your Feeling of Power by reading the minds of members of your audience – they’ll be stunned by your Powers

    • Discover the Secret System used by the great Al Koran and the amazing Chan Canasta you’ll be up there with the Greats

    • Invite a member of the audience to select a page in a book and concentrate on one word and you can read their thoughts – this will blow their minds and convince them of your Mind-reading Powers

    • Read the minds and discover the cards of three or more people at the same time – Yes I know this is Impossible, - But You’ll Do It!

Make Them Laugh and They’ll Love You

    • Really Amazing and Funny Tricks that will make your audience Roar with Laughter – you’ll get so much joy and satisfaction by bringing pleasure and FUN to others

    • The Kings or even the Queens will actually Grow a Beard – this is just Great FUN and so easy to do, - you’ll want to carry it everywhere

    • You’ll be able to change the colours of your cards and turn Queens into rather Scantily Clad young ladies Lots of Fun and Laughter - if you dare to do it

    • Think of the Amazement when you simply Clap Your Hands and a chosen card Jumps out of the pack – this really stuns the audience

    • There's even Amazing Magic with an "Invisible" Pack of Cards – creating lots of Fun and laughter as a spectator shuffles and actually chooses an “Invisible” card from an “Invisible” pack

Closely Guarded Secret Moves (sleights)
Let You Do The Impossible

    • You’ll discover the secrets skills that Pro’s like David Blaine use to make a chosen card appear behind a Glass Window or Screen – in fact, you’ll be able to have cards appear from amazing places…

    • How can you keep throwing cards away from a bundle already counted by the audience and yet still have the same number left in your hand, no matter how many you take away? …impossible!!

    • Chosen Cards will Penetrate right through a Borrowed Handkerchief – enabling you to perform an amazing miracle at anytime and anywhere there’s a handkerchief available

    • Cards can be Torn into Pieces and Magically Restored – I know it’s impossible, but you’ll do it, to the amazement of everybody

    • There's a full explanation of how a chosen mysteriously appears in the Zipped compartment of a leather Wallet - - - and

    • An Amazing version of the Famous 4 Ace Trick, but with a novel twist
      This will certainly set them Talking – mainly about YOU!

    • You’ll discover how freely chosen cards can Balance on the palm of your hand and Mysteriously Float in mid-air without strings or threads or any means of support – This is Real Magic!

Stand Up On Stage – Just Like A Cabaret Magician
and Enjoy the Thunderous Applause!

    • Many of the tricks are ideal for a cabaret type of performance which means you can perform at larger shows, functions and dinners

    • The tricks most suited to a “Stand-up” performance include, - “Card Penetrating Right Through a Borrowed Handkerchief” – “The Amazing Rising Cards”, where a number of chosen cards Rise Up out of an ordinary Mug or Glass whenever their names are called

    • “Cards in Zipped Wallet”; The Multiplying Cards (Six Card Repeat) and the rather Saucy – “Thinking Blue” ….

PLUS Much More.... including several easy, Insider Card Sleights (that’s secret moves) that will allow you to do many more amazing card tricks, using your New Skills and a little imagination.


Time To Take Action and Add a Touch of MAGIC
To Your Life and Really Have Some FUN !!


You’ll no longer sit in the corner and watch, while others grab all the limelight.


No need to seek out and buy expensive props and tricks – You’ll have Dozens of amazing tricks at your fingertips.


Never again be put off by difficult moves and skills only known to a few.


Here’s your chance to get the Secrets that top magicians wouldn’t disclose


You’ll be able to do dozens of card tricks within hours of receiving your Collection and in fact tricks you’ll be able to do in minutes. – SO ACT NOW!


This Amazing Collection contains 25 Great Card Tricks, Fully Explained and Easy to Do....

PLUS - Several Secret Magic Sleights that will allow you to do dozens more magic tricks.

You probably won’t be able to find some of these amazing Magic tricks anywhere else, but even it you could it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy them individually…
But for the Next Few Days You can SAVE OVER $100 by taking advantage of my Special Introductory Offer.

I’ve been asked to put together this selection of some of my favourite Card Tricks that I’ve performed during my 40 + years in magic. So to get it off the ground, for the next few days I want to let as many people try my New Collection at a Special Discounted Price.

If you claim your "Ultimate Card Trick Collection" before midnight on
You'll Get the LOT for Just $29.95 - SPECIAL - $19.97

But that's not all...

To whet your appetite for other Great Magic I'll throw in a Special Bonus Valued at $32.00

BONUS 1 - "CASH IN A FLASH" - How to produce Dollar Bills $$$$ from Thin Air! - Just rub your hands together and WHAM! $$$ - - Just imagine the surprise and envy that'll be felt by all your friends when you can simply rub your hands together and produce $20 bills ro even $100 bills if you wish. - This really is Priceless! - but it sells for - Value - $10

BONUS 2 - "ROPEY" - Amazing Classic Rope Magic Tricks! - Cut and restore rope; Amazing Ring On / Ring Off Rope; and "Size Isn't Everything" - This superb collection of classical Rope Tricks will teach how to "Cut and Restore" any piece of Rope String or Ribbon. You'll magically tie a steel ring securely onto a piece of rope and although your audience can't remove it, you simply blow on it and it Melts Off! - Great Value - $17

BONUS 3“AMAZING COIN PEN – ETRATION” – This will surprise even you. - A borrowed Coin Vanishes completely with just a three taps with a borrowed pen. – You won’t believe what’s just happened! - This is absolutely Amazing and a great piece of sheer magic that you'll have with you wherever you go. - It's really indispensible to the working magician who likes to do magical things with ordinary everyday objects. - Just imagine, - You borrow a coin and borrow a pen (or you can use your own pen), - You tap the coin with the Pen and the Coin VANISHES! - You'll be amazed and astounded when the coin is found in the Tiny Cap of the Pen - IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
Value - $5 - Real Value - Priceless

So Don't Miss Out on this Super Deal
and these Great Bonuses...
I can’t continue to Disclose these Secrets for much longer at this ridiculous price, so you’ll need to be quick – Get Them before the VANISH completely!

Order before midnight on AND START HAVING FUN!


OUR 100% Guarantee means that YOU have nothing to lose - That's a promise!
Please try the great Magic Effects in this Collection for 90-Days and if you feel that you have not received great value or enjoyed performing these amazing tricks and you are not completely satisfied, - Just Tell Me Why - (I'm really interested in your results). Just drop me an email and you will receive a Full Refund, with no questions asked! - That's a promise! -
What's More - You can keep the Bonuses. - But please don't tell anyone else!
Signed -

Yes, if you're not completely satisfied and don't feel that you've had great value and enjoyed performing some Great Magic, then just drop me an email (I'm interested in your thoughts) and I'll refund your payment in Full, with No Questions Asked... But please don't disclose the Magical Secrets to anyone else. - - And you can keep great Bonuses into the bargain!

Hey! That's A Double Your Money Back Guarantee! - Is It Not?

Please Order Today and avoid Missing Out on this Magical Deal...

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Wishing You Every Magical Delight and Success!


Johnnie Gentle CEO (John Williamson)

The Magic Touch


P.S. -
Remember, this is a Limited Time Offer to give you a chance to be among the first to get your hands on "The Ultimate Card Tricks Collection". - So Don't Miss Out on this Amazing collection of 25 Super Card Tricks. - You'll be creating wonderful Magic that will Boost Your Confidence and Your Popularity. - You'll Amaze all your friends and be the "Life and Soul" of any party. . . AND MOST OF ALL . . . YOU'LL HAVE GREAT FUN!!!

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