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The "Easy" Card in Wallet

This is a very easy and effecive method of the famous "Card In Wallet" magic trick, where a specatator free ly choses a card from a well shuffled pack.

The card is noted and signed or marked in some way by the spectator and returned to the pack, which is again well shuffled by the magician.

The magician then puts the pack behind his back and pulls out what he declares is the chosen card.

However, when the spectators inform him that he has failed, he simply takes out his wallet from his inside jacket pocket, removes an elastic band which has been keeping the wallet closed and hands it to the spectator to remove the "Chosen Signed Card"

THIS method has several good points.

The wallet is not prepared and the hand taking it from the pocket is empty.

How Is It Done?...

Use a wallet that opens lengthwise and slip a heavy rubber band around one side.

Open it so that the covers touch, back to back, and hang it over the edge of your inside coat pocket, the rubber band side in the pocket, the other side hanging out.

From any shuffled pack have a card freely selected, signed or marked, returned, and bring it to the top.

Place both hands with the pack behind your back.

With you hands behind your back - take the signed card off the top of the pack in your left hand, reach up under your jacket at the back and push the card under your right armpit, retaining it with a slight pressure of the arm against the body.

Bring the pack forward and throw out a card, any card, as you say, "Your card?"
Of course, the answer will be "No."

Place the pack on the table, casually letting it be noted that your hands are empty.

Take hold of the right edge of your jacket at the lapel, with your right hand. With the left hand take the card from under your arm, slip it into the wallet and lift this from your pocket.

As you bring the wallet out you simply flip it over to close it, and bring it out with the elastic band side to the front.

Put the right fingers under the elastic band and pull it off as if it really encircled the wallet. Open the wallet and invite a spectator to take out the chosen signed card. -
A Miracle!

This is another simple but very effective card trick – Try it – You’ll like it!

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