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Ideal for watercolour, acrylic, gouache and oil painting.

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5 starVerified Purchase
I received my brushes and I am thrilled with them. They are of excellent quality and for the price they are definitely rated a "Best Buy" by me. I have already used them to do a couple of paintings and they performed above expectations. I would recommend these brushes to anyone

Product Details
I like this brush selection. I use many different mediums while creating reclaimed and repurposed art, I need to have the right tools on hand to do the projects. This brush set provides me with the a good selection of well balanced sizes, The paint flows well and the brush holds the medium well. The ferrules are secure so no wobble and no bristle loss. Good Value.

Product Details
super brushes Verified Purchase
Super quality at a super price. Bought this set at same time i got several more expensive eclipse black sable brushes from an art shop. I was happily surprised when the ones bought here were of a much better quality! I'd buy more immediatly. Great price and great artist brushes
Product Details

Top Quality Artists Paint Brushes, Set of 12 Brushes for Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache & Oils

Buy the brushes! There may be some secret place where "real" painters find brushes, but it doesn't matter now. These are the ones to put to work! Great customer service. Thanks
Product Details round paint brushes

I have seen some really bad brushes in my day. Luckily these are not them. This six piece set is white nylon that is bound well so that no stray hairs come out in your work. The edges are cut sharp and crisp so they are very accurate for detail work. Sizes in the set are #4, #6, #8, #10, #12. They also feel good in your hand, and are the right size for average to large hands.
Product Details flat paint brushes
Verified Purchase
Favorites!!! These brushes are fantastic and they work beautifully with the medium of Acrylic. I'm so pleased with this purchase!
I have many brushes and brush sets, and these are amongst my favorites due to the quality of the brushes and the ease of use. There is no struggling or uncertainty when working with this set (sold by 'Biaoni for Magic Touches'.) They are well made, feel really good in your hands, clean up beautifully, are long handled, and quite honestly, these are one of the best sets of flat brushes I have ever purchased. I reach for them often...they are wonderful!
Product Details
angular paint brushes
Verified Purchase
These Brushes are just amazing! worth the money!!!! they are very easy to handle and give the results are amazing! (: A+ Give a perfect straight edge!
detail paint brushes

ARTIST DETAIL BRUSHES & SCRIPT LINER BRUSHES - Set of 10 Top Quality Weasel Hair Detail Brushes + Liner Brushes

detail pant brushes
Verified Purchase
By Barbara Dickerson on July 5, 2016

A wonderful array of detail and script liner brushes made of very high quality red sable. I have ordered three sets so far. I don't want to run out of these and they make great gifts for your artists friends. Thank you John Williamson for these perfect brushes. Barb Dickerson
detail paint brushes
I am an experienced painter in oils and hesitant to purchase online sight unseen. But in this case I gambled and won. These brushex are absolutely outstanding. They are full, tight, and finely chiseled. Delivery date was as promised. There was a small issue with the purchase which after an email Magic immediately resolved to my total satisfaction.

paint brushes

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