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Then you need our Top Quality Red Sable Artist's Brushes...

Ideal for watercolour, acrylic and oil painting.

The natural characteristics of the Red Sable hair provides a good Paint Holding capacity, which in turn makes for consistent and perfect Paint flow.

It is also an excellent choice for oils when flexibility is needed and its ability to carry the
paint with easy flow and precision

The Red Sable is better known as ‘weasel’ hair, which is actually a member of the ‘Mustelidae’ family, native to Asia, North America and Europe. The Asian variety is the only one used in brush making by virtue of the unique length and fineness of the hair.

The term ‘Sable’ is a misnomer, as the hairs from the animal called a sable ‘Marteszibellina’
are not used to manufacture artists’ brushes!

Our Top Quality Artists Brushes are made from a perfect comination of 65% Red Sable or "weasel" hair and Fine Horse Fetlock Hair, which provides excellent paint holding capacity and a consistent, easy flow for most paint mediums.

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