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Obesity and being overweight are problems that a lot of people experience. In the US alone, over 64% of adults above the age of 20 years old are overweight, and over 30% of them are obese, according to a 2004 study by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

These statistics are quite telling. They perfectly explain the incessant need for new dietary plans and exercise routines that will help people quell the problem of being above their ideal body weight.

The Ill Effects Of Being Overweight

Being overweight, after all, does not only pose aesthetic concerns, but also leaves us vulnerable to a variety of health issues. Diabetes, heart failure, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, asthma, gout, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, cancer, and gallbladder complications are just some of the dangers that being overweight can cause, to the detriment of our wellbeing.

But the most definitive and universal hazards are those that occur in the psychological and emotional realms.

Depression, lack of self-confidence, destruction of self-esteem, helplessness, and hopelessness are feelings prevalent among people who are having problems with their weight.

Society And Obesity: A Sad Status Quo

This can hardly be helped. In this day and age, where society has placed a premium on physical appearance, one's body shape and size plays a crucial role in how one is accepted in a variety of social circles.

Want to win the heart of the person you love? Your weight will eventually determine the amount of confidence you can muster to show him or her how much he or she means to you.

Want to convince your boss that you're the perfect person for that much coveted promotion? Believe it or not, he will base his judgment, in part, on your physical condition, which is visibly determinable through the weight you possess.

Want to gain more page views for your Friendster or MySpace profile? You'll get none unless you display a pretty picture of yourself sans the extra pounds you have gained throughout the years.

This doesn't mean that the conceptions above are correct. They're not. People should be judged on what's in their heart, rather than their weight or body mass.

But it's the way things are. The world judges us based on how we look. It's a sad fact, but a fact, nonetheless.

What About Weight Loss Programs?

There are a lot of weight loss strategies available for people who are overweight, or who are obese.

A lot!

But all of them entail great sacrifice from the participant.

Exercise routines are almost always rigorous, often draining us of the energy we would otherwise spend on the demands of work or other fancies.

Diet plans are very restrictive, as they require strict compliance which will prevent us from enjoying some dining pleasures.

Surgical methods are not for everyone, and their costs can be quite prohibitive.

And the result? A lot of people give up on these programs well before significant effects can be obtained.

Losing weight is perhaps the most common personal change that people want to achieve. It is also the most difficult. When it comes to this achievement, only 6% of people are able to lose at least 10% of their body weight and only 8% are able to keep this weight off.

This shows how difficult it is for the average person to lose weight. Most people go on yo-yo diets for years and NEVER achieve success. Remember, these are the same highly successful, brilliant people who are at the forefront of their respective professions. You will find courageous men breaking out into sweat when they speak about their forays into the world of weight loss. Women often swear that they have tried just about EVERYTHING, but the scales just don't dip!

An Alternative.

There should be an easier way to lose weight, right? There should be a way that will not require exhaustive physical exertions, expensive fees, and the sacrifice of our taste buds.

Well, there is, and all it demands is the exercise of our mental faculties.

That's right!

You can lose weight by simply using your mind!

It is a revolutionary process that isn't exactly new. The yogis of India have been practicing it for years. The monks of Tibet have preserved it in their teachings. The Taoists of China have been observing this technique for centuries.

The Secret.

We're talking about self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is scientifically dependent on "autosuggestion" and is a "process by which an individual trains the subconscious mind to believe something for a given purpose". In a nutshell, self-hypnosis is nothing but self-induced brainwashing that relies on constant self-affirmations. The more you make your mind believe that something can be achieved, the more "willpower" you have to follow it up. Therein lies the power of self-hypnosis. You see, within the realm of the mind, nothing is impossible. This is the most important point that you need to understand. If your mind tells you to jump, you WILL jump. It's as simple as that.

Hypnosis is a natural inborn ability in every human being. As an individual, hypnosis is the most powerful psychological tool available to you. Hypnosis has been used to make people:

  • Undergo surgery without the use of anaesthesia

  • Hallucinate

  • Overcome long-held phobias

  • Overcome 'flashbacks' that generally follow an extremely traumatic experience

  • Achieve greater confidence and self-esteem

  • Lower B.P. (Blood Pressure)

  • Accelerate the healing process of the body

  • Overcome clinical depression

  • Beat addictions

Now, if self-hypnosis is capable of doing all of these, surely, using it to lose weight will be as easy as 1-2-3, right?

Actually, it's as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7.


lose weight

The Seven Day Self-Hypnosis Program:

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  • How you can learn to love exercising.

  • How you can take full control of yourself, so that success will be guaranteed.

  • How to gain mastery over your subconscious mind, so that you can easily make any change in your life.

  • How to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • How to practice power relaxation and gain the benefits of a good night's sleep - without even sleeping!

So here's the deal. you don't need to endure a horrendous diet plan that guarantees tremendous weight loss at the expense of the dishes you enjoy. You don't have to go though an extraneous physical routine to burn off those calories. And you don't have to go under the knife to eliminate that excess body fat.


Everything that you need to be able to lose weight is in your mind.

All you have to do is to unleash the power.

Come, explore the secret that is in your mind.

The Seven Day Self-Hypnosis Program:

Lose Weight, Increase Self-Control And Increase Your Self-Esteem By Taking Control Of Your Life


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