Discover how this Amazing Magical Card keeps rising to the Top - Baffling the audience!

"The TOP DOG Magic Trick...
For The Top Magician!"


You tell the story of guy who really wants to be Top Dog, but early in life he found it very difficult, but with hard work he miraculously reached the top of his chosen field and vowed that nothing would ever knock him off the top again.

The story starts with the cards being thoroughly shuffled, with one card ending up on the top of the pack. - As the story unfolds the card is buried down in the centre of the pack.

However, using all his skill it makes it's way to the top once again. The same thing happens again and no-one knows how this chap (Card) keeps getting back on top.

To make sure he doesn't have a twin brother (or a duplicate is being used), a spectator is asked to mark or sign the card.

But once again in a most amazing way, the card defies all logic to get back to the top of the pack.

So that we can actually watch how this card actually makes its way from the centre of the pack to the Top, the card is slightly bent, which means it has a distinct curve that distinguishes it from the rest of the cards.

Once again the card, now slightly bent is clearly pushed right into the centre of the pack.
Yet again in full view of the audience it makes its way to the top and is actually seen to jump up on the top of the pack.

This finale is absolutely amazing and makes this trick a MUST for any card worker and certainly well worth the effort of practicing and perfecting.

No words can adequately describe this STUNNING routine - It can be Your Own Masterpiece!


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The Top Dog Magic Trick!