Discover the Secrets of Starting Out in the Amazing World of Magic!

"How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying....
I'd Love To Do Magic But Where Do I Start?"

Discover how to start in the World of Magic?

You'll uncover the secrets of how best to start, - tricks you should do,
tips on performing, overcoming Nerves, what to say to your audience
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You know it's so long ago that even my cards have grown beards.

Maybe that's where most of my hair has gone.

But I do remember it well... and I'll pass on all

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Dear Magical Friend,

You've watched magicians performing miracles on the television, in the theatre and even in the street and wondered, "How Do They Do That?" - It's Magic!

Now and again you'll see an ordinary person, like a workmate or someone at the club or in the bar or restaurant, do magical things and say to yourself, - - -
"I wish I could do that!" - Well Wish NO MORE - You CAN DO MAGIC!!

There are tens of thousands of amazing magic tricks that YOU CAN DO....

You Must Learn The SECRETS!

However, magic is only magic if the mysterious methods used by magicians are KEPT SECRET and so in order for you to do even the simplest of tricks YOU NEED TO KNOW THE SECRET - and that can cost a lot of money.

The result is that even the simplest of tricks COST A LOT OF MONEY, because you're not actually paying for the cards, rope or bits of ribbon, silk or plastic, you are PAYING FOR THE SECRET.

Many aspiring magicians are put off by the cost of individual tricks that really only consist of a few cards or a bit of cheap cardboard or plastic and the resulting effect is often very disappointing.

- - So what must you do?....

First, you must realise that it's not the fancy prop that makes the magic, it's the Amazement, Wonder and Entertaining Effect that is created in the minds of the audience or onlooker, by the apparently impossible and miraculous happening.

Take A Tip From The Professionals!

Many amateur magicians just do tricks, but the professional does Magical Things at every opportunity and with everyday objects like, coins, banknotes, string, rope, newspaper, handkerchiefs and of course, playing cards. - - YOU CAN DO IT!

But what should you do first? - - Where do you start?.....

Now you can discover the best way to start performing amazing magic tricks, without having to spend lots of your hard earned money on unnecessary props and tricks that you'll often use once and in disappointment leave them to gather dust at the back of a drawer.

This superb magical report will help you get started in this Wonderful World of Magic.

  • You'll discover the best way to start amazing your friends
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  • What do you say to an audience?
  • Discover the Secrets of Overcoming NERVES!!
  • What to do when "Things Go Wrong"?
  • We reveal a few great tricks to get you started

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Kind regards,

Johnnie Gentle