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Card Magic Tricks and How To Do Card Tricks that'll Amaze your friends!

"Learn The Secrets of 25 Mind- Blowing, Easy-to-do Card Tricks that Will Leave Your Audience Completely Baffled and Your Friends Amazed !"

One of the Most Popular type of magic tricks are Card Tricks. Simply because they are colourful, easy to handle and are recognised by almost everyone.

You can do many wonderful card tricks that appear to an audience as absolute miracles and once again the secret is trying to avoid any fancy gimmicks and props that indicate that your effect is simply a trick.

The following "Ultimate Card trick Collection" is complete Easy-to-Follow instructions for an Amazing 25 + quite stunning and mind-blowing card tricks.

Amazing Card Magic Tricks to blow their minds...

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The Ultimate Card Tricks Collection

These "tried and tested" card tricks are the favourites of the pros' and are guaranteed to baffle and delight any audience and amaze and amuse even the most sceptical of family and friends.

These amazing tricks are simply done with just an ordinary pack of playing cards and a few Closely Guarded, Insider Secrets.

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From: Johnnie Gentle - Professional Magician (retired)


Dear Friend,

If you've always wanted to do amazing magic card tricks, but were afraid you wouldn't manage the difficult "sleight of hand" or be able to find the time to practice all the difficulty moves.... or.. maybe you couldn't afford the expensive props that are often required just to do one little trick.

If you'd just love to be able to do great magic tricks, but have never had enough confidence to perform in public before... - I've Got Great News For You!... All that's about to change!

With the "Ultimate Magic Card Tricks Collection" you will be Amazing Your Friends within a few hours of receiving the Secrets. In fact, there are tricks you'll be able to do in a matter of a few minutes.

These "tried and tested" card tricks are favourites of the pros' and are guaranteed to baffle and delight any audience and amaze and amuse even the most sceptical of family and friends.

These amazing tricks are simply done with just an ordinary pack of playing cards and a few Closely Guarded, Insider Secrets.

Be The Life and Soul of any Party!

You'll no longer be in the background when others hog the limelight.

You'll always have an amazing trick or two "up your sleeve" to impress and attract the girls or the boys.

You'll be a "Wow" at the bar with your friends and will amaze and amuse your workmates and your boss at the "Drop of a Hat" or the turn of a card!

If you want to perform magic that will always baffle and amaze your audience and provide lots of entertainment and FUN, then you must get Your Hands on "The Ultimate Card Tricks"

So you see the Best Magic is the simplest and easiest to do, leaving you feeling confident and free to really enjoy entertaining your audience.

It's comforting to know that while others struggle to take the floor with shyness and lack of confidence, you can always do your bit to amuse and entertain at any party or gathering or just a few friends at the bar... You'll literally be the "Life and Soul" of the Party!

You'll no longer have to worry about difficult moves or expensive props.... These easy-to-do magic secrets are fully explained, enabling you to master many of the amazing tricks in minutes, thus giving you the confidence to go out and Amaze Your Friends.

You'll Discover the Secrets to a New World of Magic!

Tried and Tested Tricks that you can do - - You can be sure that they have a stunning and magical effect, every time you perform them.

Easy-To-Do, and fully explained with photographs - You'll be doing magic in minutes after receiving your own secret copy of - "The Ultimate Card Tricks Collection".

Get This Amazing Collection of Card tricks NOW!... and You'll Soon Be Able To...

  • Vanish Cards with Ease

  • Chosen Cards will Penetrate right through a Borrowed Handkerchief

  • Cards can be Torn into Pieces and Magically Restored

  • Chosen Cards will literally Jump Out of the Pack on to a Spectator's Hands

  • Freely Chosen Cards will Appear in a variety of Mysterious and Magical ways

  • There's even Amazing Magic with an "Invisible" Pack of Cards

  • Any number of Chosen Cards will Slowly and Magically Rise out of the pack

  • There's a full explanation of the Card To Wallet trick - - - and

  • An Amazing version of the Famous 4 Ace Trick, but with a novel twist

PLUS Much More.... including several easy, Insider Card Sleights that will allow you to do many more amazing card tricks, using your New Skills and a little imagination


This Amazing Collection contains 25 Great Card Tricks, Fully Explained and Easy to Do....

PLUS - Several Secret Magic Sleights that will allow you to do dozens more magic tricks.

To purchase these Great Magic tricks individually would cost in excess of $135 -
But for the Next Few Days You can

If you claim your "Ultimate Card Trick Collection" TODAY from AMAZON - you'll get Immediate Access at Amazon's Special Low, Low Prices.

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Click on the "Order Button" below and then follow the instructions

The Magic Touch
3 Jordanhill Crescent
United Kingdom

OR Telephone - 44 - (0)141 954 7317

However, it's easy to "Click On The Order Button" and proceed to our Secure Order Page, where you can complete your Magic purchase using a variety of Credit Cards or You can chose to use the Secure PayPal System.

Wishing You Every Magical Delight and Success!


Johnnie Gentle CEO (John Williamson)

The Magic Touch

P.S. - Remember, this is a Limited Time Offer. - So Don't Miss Out on this Amazing collection of 25 Super Card Tricks. - You'll be creating wonderful Magic that will Boost Your Confidence and Your Popularity. - You'll Amaze all your friends and be the "Life and Soul" of any party. AND MOST OF ALL... YOU'LL HAVE GREAT FUN!!!


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