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Another magical eBook from The Magic Touch of
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Four Tremendous magic tricks revealed in this magic ebook This Second Magical eBook in the Magic Touch series, reveals the secrets for four tremendous effects that will baffle, amaze and amuse you.

These are great magical effects that you will carry with at at all times.

You can perform at the bar - at the table - around the fire for a group of friends or for a real live paying audience. - I have always carried these items with me wherever I've gone and have performed them constantly for over 30 years.

These are the sort of magical effects that you can do at "the drop of a hat"!- Or on those occasions when someone says -

"Show us a trick"!

How Can You Change Blank Paper into Real $$$ Dollar Bills $$$ ?

How is it Possible to Produce Real $20 Dollar Bills or £20 Notes FROM THIN AIR?

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This eBook brings you Four Great Magical Effects plus other hints and tips.
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The effects are "Real Practical Magic" - The methods explained have been tried and tested over many years by a professional performer and you won't find better value magic, anywhere!!

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