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Magic Times - Magic's Leading Source For News
Magic's leading source for news

Children's Storybooks Online
Children's Storybooks Online "There are original stories with color illustrations for young children as well as older children and young adults. Children's Storybooks Online seeks to combine ...

FREE E-Book "Autoresponder Magic"
FREE E-Book" Autoresponder Magic" Announcing a New Resource that Can Help. You Put Your Web Site Marketing on Autopilot! Yours For Free! Autoresponder Magic. A massive collection of. winning campaign messages. to model, copy and swipe!

Detroit Free Press: Book Club
Do you belong to a book club? We'd love to hear about your group. Please tell us what club you belong to and what it likes to read. We'll be visiting groups to get their takes on Free Press Book Club choices. ... Sunday, July 4, 2004. FREE PRESS/MAGIC 105.1 BOOK CLUB: Readers, you win ...

White and Black Magic Spells
Magic Spells for any situtation, all indexed and with detailed instructions. To be used at your own risk. ... and magic eye. free magic trick free magic trick and free magic trick ... spell book spell book and spell book. free magic spells free magic spells and free magic spells ...

Free card trick, Free Coin Trick and Free rubber band trick.
... Main Page »Free Magic Tricks »Meet Dan Turcotte ... Dan Turcott's "Just Say Stop" PDF e-bookEasy! Jeff Ezell's Triple Revelation PDF e-book ...

Magic to Sell and Magic Wanted
The Conjuror Public Notices lists requests from individuals looking to buy or sell magical apparatus, books, and collectibles.

Win A Free Magic Book Of Card Tricks
Win A Free Magic Book Contest! Easy Card Magic. 26 Easy To do Card Tricks. If you are a beginner or advanced . . . these card tricks will convince friends and family that you are truly a magician. ... complete the following information to enter our Free Magic Book Contest. This tells us where to send your Magic Book if ...

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Down and Out wins Locus Award. This is so freaking cool: my novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has won the Locus Award for Best First Novel of 2003. ... the science fiction book by Cory Doctorow, Down and out in the magic kingdom (available for free or on amazon ... the reputation system used in that book. Remember to address ...

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
... as a free download in a variety of standards-defined formats. No crappy DRM, no teasers, just the whole damned book ... Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Whuffie Ring ...


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