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Practical Magic Tricks? - Magic Tricks You Can Do Anywhere!

"Learn Practical Magic Tricks that You Can Do Anywhere at Anytime with Everyday Objects!"

Professional Magicians don't just do Tricks! - They do Magical things at every opportunity. The Magic Touch has a host of very effective practical magic tricks that can be done anywhere and at any time without having any gimmicks or expensive magic props.

Learn Amazing Practical Magic Tricks with one of our popular Instructions for magic tricks
SEE BELOW... for practical magic tricks that you can carry with you at all times and perform at anytime without any fancy or expensive props or preparation... Just a Few Magical Secrets in your pockets or the simple Magical "Know-How"....

With the following practical magic you'll be able to perform amazing magic with ordinary everyday items and create some startling magical effects practically anywhere you go...

Just Beginning to Learn Magic?

The following popular practical magic eBooks will help you begin your magical journey...


Want to Learn Magic tricks?
Where to begin? - What magic tricks to learn?
What to say? - - - -What if things go wrong?
What about Nerves? - Can I really do magic?

YES YOU CAN! - This magic eBook will help you start out in the best way, suggest the best tricks to learn and help you Overcome the Dreaded Nerves and Entertain any audience and Have FUN!

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Get your hands on some of the best Practical Magic Tricks eBooks...

This Round's On Me!

Buy the next round of drinks with Blank Paper then Change to BankNotes!

Click Here for Details

Amazing Penny-tration

Borrowed coin Vanishes
in a Flash & Penetrates an ordinary borrowed Pen...

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The Rising Cards

Freely chosen cards Rise Magically from the shuffled Pack & Cup!..

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Blaine's Mega Magic

Amazing Collection of Magic Tricks - including over 120 Card Tricks!..

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Card Through Hanky

A Freely chosen card, shuffled in pack, - then Penetrates thru' Hanky!

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The Cups & Balls

Perform the Famous Cups & Balls with Ordinary Cups or Mugs!

Click Here for Details

Cash in a Flash

Produce cash from thin
air in a Flash! - Magic...

Click Here for Details

Torn - Restored Card

A freely chosen card is torn in pieces by the spectator then Magically Restored!

Click Here for Details

It's All in the Mind!

An Amazing Coin Vanish using the Power of thr Mind - great FUN!

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All eBooks are written in English in either PDF or EXE format

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Choose from a huge selection of professional magic tricks, coin tricks, street magic, rope tricks, magic sets,

You will be practicing some Amazing Magic Tricks in just a Few Minutes...

Remember: You'll can Download your Magic Tricks in minutes...

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