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Want To Learn How To Do Magic Tricks - Here's a few Tips! - Learn how to do Easy Magic Tricks and Have - FUN!

How to Put The MAGIC Into Your Life...
with really effective Easy Magic Tricks

Last time I was telling you how I got started in the Cabaret Magic scene and how I really enjoyed my spell as a magical entertainer. It was indeed a "Dream Job" and just what I'd always wanted to do.

Just imagine, performing magic tricks and illusions, making people laugh and generally enjoying yourself onstage and getting paid very highly for doing it.

Now I get great pleasure in teaching people how to do magic tricks, with the emphasis on easy magic tricks and simple magic tricks that you can do anywhere and not forgetting all those who aspire to professional magicians.

Now I realise you may not want to be a professional performer, in fact you may even be thinking, "No way, I couldn't think of anything worse", and I don't want you to think that our main Pro' Magic Course is only for serious magicians.

It's designed to teach magic tricks to all...

In fact, the course is designed to take you from a complete beginner, right to the point where they can confidently take on professional paid engagements. So don't think that my magic is only for magicians.

Listen, I can tell you that magic can make any job you do, more exciting, more enjoyable and more fun....

If you just learn some of the amazing magic tricks with everyday items, that I teach you in the first five or six lessons of The Pro' Magic Course, then you'll not only be very popular in your workplace and among your colleagues and workmates, but you'll actually make their work days more fun, more magical and more enjoyable.

Imagine how that will make you feel.... It'll certainly make your working day a whole lot better, even if your job is not your ideal Dream Job.

You see, I've also had a number of jobs, all of them enjoyable but none I would call a Dream Job.

I was a policeman for four years and that really was what got me into the cabaret entertaining and that first booking in Scotland's leading nightclub, but as I said that's another story....

I was also a salesman and the magic really was a boon to me in that job, as it broke down all the usual barriers and built long-lasting and friendly relationships with top buyers.

I also ran my own industrial business for many years and built a great clientele of corporate buyers, and I know for sure that being able to do magic really helped me along the way.

Also because of my job situation and the various organisations I've been involved in, I've had to do a lot of public speaking (frightening) and the magic has really made these experiences very enjoyable indeed.

You can do the same and I'll help you all I can.

In fact you might want to have a look at a couple of items from the Course Lessons....

Make them remember you and your business: - "Business Card Magic"

There’s lots more information and advice and also some great magic at The Magic Touch at:


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