Discover How to Produce $20 bills or £20 notes from your bare hands, at will!


CASH IN A FLASH! - Itchy Palms
A Great little Magic Trick to amaze Your firends

Listen to this!  


My dear old mum used to say that an itchy palm meant money!
Well ! You better believe it. - - Here's the real proof.

Imagine being able to simply rub your bare hands together and "WHAM" - in a "Flash" you produce a $20 bill or a £20 note...

The audience are Stunned, and before they know what's happening...
another £20 appears and then to cap it all, two £10 notes appear...

This is a tremendous effect that you can do using any banknotes

You tell your audience that being a magician, you can sense certain things - one of them is - "when there's Money around". Like your old grandmother used to say when you felt your palms itchy - it was sure to mean cash!

My grandmother used to say, when you had an Itchy palm - "Rub it on wood and it's sure to be good, - OR - Rub it on brass and it's sure to be CASH!

So as a boy I was always looking for some brass to make some cash! However, as a magician I can get "Cash In A FLASH" any time I want.

Your Friends Will Be Amazed
They'll All Want To Try It...

You can then admit that it's not just restricted to magicians - anyone can do it!
Everyone can sense when there's money around, and if they just gently rub the palm of their hand, they can produce a miracle.

You then gently rub the palm of your right hand with the left thumb and 'low and behold' Out Of Thin Air - a £20 note appears.

You get the audience to try it. - Of course, without success. - You ask them - "Did anyone get a £20 note?" - "No! - You can't be doing it right - Let me show you again".

You Can Do It Over Again and They'll Be Blown Away!

You show them again and another £20 note appears between your bare hands. You let the audience try one more time and tell them that it's always just £20 Twenty Pounds (or $20 Bills).

Finally, when no-one in the audience has any success you show them one more time and this time you say - "There you are another Twenty Pounds". -

But you only produce a £10 note. - Someone in the audience will notice and tell you that it's only Ten Pounds (£10). - You look surprised!, - but with a knowing smile, you simply blow on the £10 note and it miraculously multiplies to £20 - Twenty Pounds. (two X £10's)

This is a real "STUNNER" that will set the audience talking long after you've gone. - It's a real reputation maker that can be performed anywhere, yet...
it is VERY EASY TO DO! - - You'll Love This One!


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