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Discover the Secret of the Famous "Cups and Balls" Magic Trick!

"Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets
of One of The Classics of Magic Tricks -
"The Cups and Balls!"

THE FAMOUS CUPS & BALLS (Poor Man's Version)

GUARANTEED To Amaze Any Audience or Your Money Back...

This is another of these amazing 'classics' of magic - "The Cups and Balls".

However, this is a wonderful version that I actually include in my Magic Course.

I saw this version many years ago, performed by Patrick Page and the reason I include it in my magic course is because it can be done virtually anywhere and by anyone, using "everyday ordinary items".

I've performed this particular version for many years and had great fun with it.

My hope for you is that you'll take time to practice this effect and enjoy performing it and like all the effects I show you, add your own ideas to it.

Right, let's get to the effect....

It's actually a "routine" of effects and I'm sure if you use your imagination you'll come up with some new ideas and new patter that suits your own personality.


You show three empty cups or mugs. (Just ordinary cups that you can actually borrow from your hosts, if you are in a club, restaurant or even a friend's home).

So having shown the three empty cups, you hand out three pieces of paper to members of the audience and invite them to roll them into nice tight little balls.

I actually use pieces of newspaper, although you can use Dollar Bills or Pound Notes, which is a great idea and I certainly have done that on many occasions.

Anyway, you have the audience members place the rolled up balls of paper or bank notes on to the bottom of the upturned cups.

The paper balls are placed on the table in front of the three cups and the cups are then shown empty and placed - "One Over Each Ball" - So it's plain to see that you have a little paper ball or rolled up banknote under each cup.

You then clearly take the ball from the first cup and place it into your pocket

In exactly the same way, you take the paper ball from under the second cup and place it into your poacket. - Do the same with the third ball.

It's now clear to the audience that you have taken all three little balls from under the cups and placed them in your pocket.

However, with a snap of your fingers, Amazingly the little paper balls reappear back under the cups. This is really the traditional "Cups and Balls" effect.

What then follows is a LOT OF FUN and GREAT MAGIC, where balls jump from one cup to another and as many times as you put them in your pocket, they mysteriously and magically re-appear back under the cups.

You can finish this really astounding routine by placing Three Balls into your pocket and with a snap your fingers you lift the first cup, and instead of a little paper ball (that the audience now expect) there's an Apple. This gets a gasp of amazement from the audience. Imagine the reaction when you lift the second cup to reveal an Onion or tomato and then a Lemon under the Third Cup.

This whole routine is well worth the effort of practicing, because I can assure you it is really astounding magic and has an unbelievable affect on the audience.


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Signed -

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I think you'll enjoy this one...

Keep Smiling and have a magical day!

Kind regards,

Johnnie Gentle

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