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Magic Coin Tricks and How To Do Coin Tricks and tricks with Money!

"Learn The Secret of an Easy-to-do Coin Trick that Will Leave Your Audience Completely Baffled and Your Friends Amazed & Amused!"

One of the Most Popular type of magic tricks are Coin Tricks. Simply because they are ordinary everyday items, easy to handle and are recognised by everyone.

You can do many wonderful coin tricks that appear to an audience as absolute miracles and once again the secret is trying to avoid any fancy gimmicks and props that indicate that your effect is simply a trick.

The following is a little Gem of magic and is complete Easy-to-Follow instructions for a super amusing coin trick that you'll have fun with for the rest of your life.

Amazing Coin Trick to blow their minds...

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Just imagine! - You borrow a coin from a member of your audience and say that you can actually vanish small items by using the "Power of the Mind".

You then clearly place the coin onto the palm of your left hand, and close your fist with the coin clearly still in the palm.

You now turn your clenched fist over and give a little rub on the back of your left hend with the forefinger of your right hand, as you say, -
"It just takes a little concentration." . . . . . .

You next place your right hand onto your forehead, as if in deep concentration. Then SLOWLY OPEN THE LEFT HAND TO SHOW THE COIN HAS VANISHED!

This is an unbelievable VANISH, right before their very eyes and the re-appearance of the coin is a great piece of comedy that you'll use over and over again

Don't let the Low Price of this Trick put you off the real value of the tremendous piece of magic and comedy.

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